No experience necessary! Just a willingness to get five friends together for a friendly fitness competition using Concept2 rowing machines.

C2 rowing machineEach team has five members. When the relay race begins your first racer rows for one minute, and then the next team member takes over as quickly as possible. After five minutes, and each competitor has rowed one minute, the race is over, and the team which has covered the greatest distance, measured in meters, is the winner.

It’s pretty simple, and it’s really fun! We’ll have three┬ácategories, female, male, and mixed, for 50+, adults/masters, and high schools. Each team will race three times, the first two essentially being practice and warm-up, and then a third time to perfect your strategy and row your best. No age restrictions. Come to Canal Dock Boathouse and have a great time cheering with your teammates!